Minca Ventures is a social impact enterprise that offers training and educational programmes as well as consultancy and coaching. Using robust evidence and creative collaboration, we tailor our support to best suit the needs and purpose of organisations. Together with our clients, we accelerate innovation and build the capabilities of people, processes and technologies, to target and enable positive impact and lasting change.

Minca Ventures Ltd was founded in 2012 to bring a new approach to creating positive and sustainable change around the world. Since then, we have educated more than 100,000 learners from 190 countries and supported over 500 sustainable organisations and projects ranging from conscious leaders, start-up and successful well-established impact business to non-profit organisations and corporates. Minca Ventures Ltd has created a separate trading arm project (Buen Vivir Institute) that offers courses related to personal and professional development and offers personalised mentoring and coaching services. 

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Our Impact

Here you can review some statistics about the impact of our services for individuals and organisations across the globe.

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I am an impact and sustainable consultant, passionate about personal and professional development and co-designing human-centred practices. I mainly work with impact makers. My experience as an academic and practitioner as a coach, consultant and advisor to social enterprises and social innovators and my ability to motivate, coach and develop global practitioners across sectors allow me to help my clients to develop projects and companies that transform people’s worlds.

  • A passion for conscious leadership and personal development
  • A PhD in social entrepreneurship and ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom.
  • Over 15 years teaching experience at university level in the field of social innovation, social enterprise and sustainable business.
  • Experience as a social business leader and the founder and CEO of Minca Ventures Ltd and the Buen Vivir Institute. 
  • Connections with social entrepreneurs, social innovators, academics and policy makers across the globe.
  • Publication of books and articles in prestigious journals in topics related to sustainability, upcycling, social enterprises and social innovation.
  • A certified Social Enterprise Consultant by the Institute of Leadership and Management. 
  • A certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. 
  • A extensive experience in designing and developing international impact programs (British Council, Newton Fund).
  • Experience designing pedagogical innovative programmes (with more than 200,000 students from 190 countries).


I am passionate about sustainability and innovation. My experience working as a social enterprise consultant as well as an educator in several European, African, Asian and Latin American countries has left me a deep mark and served as the grounding for my belief that we have the power to affect the future. I help global innovation leaders and investors align their imagination and resources, to design strategies and services that transform people’s lives. 

Andres Morales
  • A passion for sustainability, innovation and social change.
  • A PhD in social entrepreneurship, development and indigenous communities in Latin America.
  • Over 12 years teaching experience in the field of social innovation, social enterprise and sustainable business.
  • A certified consultancy in measuring impact using Social Return on Investment (SROI) from Social Value UK. 
  • Experience as a General Manager for over five years in a successful startup sustainable business company in London (Sourced Market Ltd).
  • Connections with social entrepreneurs, social innovators, academics and policy makers across the globe.
  • Publication of books and articles in prestigious journals in topics related to sustainability, upcycling, social enterprises and social innovation.
  • Experience managing large international funding projects (Santander Bank, British Council, Newton Fund).
  • Experience in design and delivery of online courses and programmes (with more than 200,000 learners from 190 countries). 
  • Events and conferences speaker (for example, Social Enterprise World Forum). 

Sara is doing a PhD in social enterprises and Andrés is working for a sustainable business in London.


Sara and Andrés visited diferent social enterprises in the UK. 


Sara and Andrés worked as consultants with a number of NGOS and charities in the UK interested in becoming Social Enterprises. 


Sara and Andrés founded Living in Minca, a project to showcase Social Enterprises across the globe using video stories. 


Sara and Andrés started a tour in Europe visiting and working with social enterprises in the region. 


Sara and Andrés started a tour visiting and working with social enterprises in Africa and Asia.


Sara and Andrés created a YouTube channel and a crowdfunding campaign for the production of ‘Memoirs of Solidarity’. They have a team of people working at Minca Ventures Ltd.


Sara and Andrés published a book ‘Social and Solidarity Economy: the world’s economy with a social face’ of different social enterprise business models based on their mapping social enterprise activity across the globe. 

Andres started his PhD in social enterprises and indigenous people in Latin America.

They worked as consultants with social enterprises and social innovators across the globe and designed of a FutureLearn Social Enterprise program (3 online courses). 


Sara and Andrés received several grants from British Council and Newton Grant to support social enterprises across the globe.  They continue with their work as social enterprise and innovation consultants. 



Sara and Andrés received a grant from the British Council Dice Program to support disadvantaged people into creating upcycling businesses in South Africa. 

They continued with their consultancy, impact and coaching services with social enterprises and social innovators across the globe. 


Sara and Andrés launched several Sustainable Business Programmes. 

They are invited to a number of events to talk about their work (for example, Social Enterprise World Forum).  

They published their work in prestigious journals.


Minca Ventures is considered as a company with one of the biggest network of impact makers and sustainable leaders across the globe. 


We have launched our Youtube Impact Story Channel with a podcast with interviews with impact makers. 


Sara and Andrés created The MBA for Impact to share their knowledge with other people interested in learning about social impact, Agenda 2030 and Sustainability. People who want to make a different in society by creating impact.



Sharing ideas on alternative enterprises: the global reach of a social enterprise free online course, 9 September 2020.


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Upcycling for change: transforming lives through entrepreneurship in Africa, 5 March 2020.



The Global Social Enterprise Movement Podcast, 21 February 2019.



Academic Sara Calvo helps build a social enterprise ecosystem in Colombia, 12 june 2017.



Women Social Entrepreneurs, 12 May 2016.

Meet the team

Each and every one of our team members represents the spirit of Minca Ventures. Above all, our people believe in creating impact and supporting those who want to create sustainable change for a better future.

Sara calvo

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr Andrés Morales

COO and co-founder

Heloise Jutteau

Marketing and Communication

Jacek Nadachowski

HR and Finance

Dr Simon Best

Partnerships and Strategic Management

Erika Gonzalez

Video Production and Designer

Eduardo Vidal

Video Producer/Editor

Isabel Orjuela

service designer

Our Advisory Board

Prof. Fergus Lyon


Servane Mouazan

Founder of Conscious Innovation

Matias Nso Roca

Founder at Kuorum

Julie Pybus

Sustainable Editor & Writer

Yash Ranga

Director Strategy & Innovation- Pyxera Global

Dr Amanda Kiessel

Founder at the Good Market

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